Hop In Technologies is honoured to be a recipient of the Brampton Board of Trade BEA2021 Innovation Award. We are thankful to have the opportunity to work with businesses in the City of Brampton to provide solutions for companies, and residents.

Hop In Technologies is a problem solver for the City of Brampton. In 2020, Hop In Technologies was able to address all three of the top issues that Brampton Businesses were facing. Hop In Technologies provided Brampton businesses with a shuttle service that helped their employees commute to work safely. This shuttle service reduced commuting time for Brampton residents but also allowed one of their clients, Maple Lodge Farms, establish a shuttle line running from Scarborough giving their client access to a larger talent pool when hiring. Hop In also provided COVID relief initiatives donating thousands of masks to Brampton organizations to help with operational continuity

Hop In Technologies also provided COVID relief initiatives during the height of the pandemic by donating thousands of masks to Brampton organizations to help with operational continuity. Hop In Technologies also started a free delivery program that helped spark new life for locals supporting Brampton businesses that had been struggling because of COVID.

To quantify the impact of Hop In here are some stats:

  • During the spike and high numbers of COVID cases in 2020, Hop In Technologies recorded zero COVID cases on any Brampton shuttle.
  • Hop In Technologies delivered over 863 parcels helping drive Brampton business.
  • Hop In Technologies donated 1,500 masks to Regeneration Brampton and 3,000 masks to Lullaboo.