Increase in the cost of gas has become a growing problem that many people including Canadian citizens are facing.

Many rely heavily on driving to work as their means of commute. The increase in the price of gas only builds greater stress in response to one of the disadvantages of driving to work.

As we proceed to days that are less restricted with COVID- 19 limitations, the economy is shifting. With focus on commuting and transportation, the need for petrol has greatly increased. It is important to understand  that the uncertainties with the current state of the pandemic have made many manufacturers reluctant on mass productions and capital investments. This approach is cautious however creates some conflict around maintenance of supply-demand for consumers.

There is no one solution to this current crisis. According to COO Boyd Reid from Hop In Technologies “as we get more comfortable with the new normal, the new pandemic is a massive labour shortage across most industries. With increasing gas prices, the cost of owning a vehicle has never been higher. Hop In clients have been able to provide a more affordable option to their employees while leveraging shuttle service as a perk to hire during this labour shortage.”

Hop In Technologies is a solution’s based company before a recognized software technology. Hop In works to address issues such as the current crisis at hand. Although single handedly we are working from a transportation lens the process involves understanding the rider’s journey and the needs of a company/ organization. Furthermore, in retrospect taking an economy friendly approach to our solution. Hop In Technologies encourages the implementation of the rideshare method. With specialization in curating commuter lines and organizing shuttle services Hop In is proactively creating a solution not only to transportation but also employment.

Along with hiking prices in the cost of gas as previously mentioned by COO Boyd Reid there are also shortages in labour. There is a general response to push immigration to fill these gaps however the question becomes what supports will these immigrants have to attain and maintain employment as a newcomer to Canada. Hop In Technologies supports the workforce by enabling companies and organizations to have greater access to talent, support workplace retention, expand access to hiring pools and support worker lifestyles due to reduced commutes or limited employment opportunities.

With job growth as an indicator of the recovering economy the rising gas prices could negatively impact this recovery process especially in regards to hiring practices. The impact of the increase in gas prices could possibly influence companies or organizations to reconsider their approach in fulfilling employment due to the uncertainty about the economy‘s health. The difficulties experienced in commuting and the decrease in production both speak to a company’s ability to hire. Moreover, many job candidates and those who have been presented the opportunity for employment find themselves in a scenario where they are forced to turn down the position simply because the cost to get to and from work covers a large percentage of the salary (investopedia 2021).

There are companies high in demand for employees that are offering sign on bonuses but even with that open rules can be filled one day and vacant the next for many different reasons such as commute accessibility and competition.

Hop In Technologies understands the stress associated with this situation from both the rider and the employer perspective. By enhancing the use of shuttle services Hop In Technologies aims to address the issues associated with gas prices and employment shortages. Through a consultation process Hop In is able to curate and personalize commuter lines to ensure employment is fulfilled and employees are supported with their overall work experience.

There is the potential that this labour shortage could expand in the future if we are not proactive on a solution now. Hop In Technologies aims to act as champions with the focus on a transportation solution.