Hop In Technologies is delighted to announce their acceptance into the Canadian Technology Accelerator Smart Cities Program for Mexico and Spain. They are one of ten selected Canadian Companies that will be participating in the 15 week accelerator this upcoming Fall 2021. The team at Hop In Technologies is looking forward to bringing our mobility solutions to Mexico and Spain.

“We are ecstatic to be able to bring our mobility solutions to Mexico and Spain. These regions have a clear commitment to building more inclusive cities through smart technology. Thank you to the Trade Commissioner Services of Canada for this amazing opportunity.”

  • Erich Ko, CEO

With smart mobility on the rise, smart technology companies must understand the responsibility of building sustainable technology that materially bridges gaps for the environment and for underserved populations. With a mandate geared towards socio-economic and environmental reform, Hop In Technologies is primed to deliver responsible and sustainable transportation to the world.

About Canadian Technology Accelerator

Cities in Mexico and Spain are huge buyers of smart technologies and are strategic entry points to Latin America and the European Union. These two markets will need to adapt to the new realities and integrate technologies aimed at helping cities and the tourism sector emerge from the pandemic. This provides opportunities for Canadian companies. The Canadian Technology Accelerator (CTA) business development program can give you the knowledge and connections you need to enter and succeed in these markets.

About Hop In Technologies

Hop In Technologies provides a SaaS marketplace connecting private bus operators with corporations for daily commuting. Our mobility solutions help companies improve access to the workplace by extending the reach of transit. Hop In Technologies is creating an ecosystem focused on improving socio-economic and environmental sustainability in developing cities. We provide a marketplace of innovative solutions to the daily issues impacting the workforce.

For further information and media inquiries, contact Cassandra Daher Manager, Marketing & Business Development cassandra@hopintech.com.