It is understood by many that commuting is one of the most challenging aspects for numerous employers and their employees. So, the question becomes what is the solution to this problem? Hop In Technologies has not only executed but has demonstrated the deployment of shuttle services as a key response.

Shuttles allow employees to avoid the overwhelm of public transportation by creating a safer and healthier environment for them. As part of our philosophy it is our mission to not just move people towards their destination but to towards a healthier, more productive and fulfilling life through our services. Shuttles are a great opportunity for team building where employees can get to know each other during their commute instead of focusing on driving or being crowded on public transit, or even facing the  costly expense associated with third party transit options such as a taxi. Furthermore, this allows for the overall work environment to be strengthened as a community and help increase productivity amongst employees. In addition, the opportunity to attract new talent and expand hiring pools, presents employers as a more desirable company to work at.

The aforementioned benefits to employers are only a few to the many. Shuttle services more than attract new employees, they ultimately support retention within a company. This retention gives a company credibility, develops seniority, decreases turnover and of course drives the workforce. This development on corporate reputation speaks on an environment and worker-friendly approach. On top of this, companies can minimize their payroll taxes, enhance customer access to goods and services, optimize service hours, and support public transit. Employers accessing shuttle services is a great demonstration of company support of work-life balance.  By providing a logistics software service, Hop In Technologies is able to offer a customized shuttle solution for the daily commute. Our shuttle solutions help companies improve access to the workplace and in response employers are granted access to reap these benefits.

There are definite benefits to employees through the use of shuttle services. Employees can find themselves taking advantage of saving time and money, experiencing higher productivity and reducing their environmental impact. Commuters lose an average of 19 days commuting alone per year. That’s not even counting the amount of time it can take to find a reasonable parking spot!

Sometimes we overlook the disadvantages of driving independently to work. Considerations such as the cost of gas, the addition of driving kilometers; overall vehicle health and maintenance, unexpected delays such as unannounced road closures, many hidden costs, the increase in pollution levels and the responsibility it carries. Unless your work offers on-site parking, then you’ll most likely spend an unpredictable amount of time seeking nearby parking to your workplace or may find yourself in a position paying for a parking spot. Hop In Technologies shuttle services do direct drop off and pick up so that things such as parking is the least of your worries. Also, the access to HOV lanes makes the commute efficient in respect to time. Unexpected costs in your personal drive to work can look anything like random stops to enroute restaurants, wear and tear to your vehicle, dramatic increases in the cost of petro, etc. The use of shuttle services allow for you to create a solid routine where you’re not only saving money, you are mindful of your wellness and creating healthy habits.

Riding shuttles gives employees an opportunity for alertness and more productivity. Employees can get work done during their commute. Providing WiFi on shuttles allows your employees the ability to get a jumpstart on their day. People will also have the opportunity to socialize with their coworkers on the way to and from work. The stress you may experience while driving is removed and your overall mental health is improved.  Studies have shown healthy workplace relationships reduce stress, improve personal relationships and socialization.

Driving to work not only exposes you to more pollution, you present yourself as part of the problem. Regardless of whether you drive with the windows up or down, the exposure you get from recycled air in your vents is still hazardous. With the use of shuttle services, a number of cars are now off the road which will reduce toxic emissions greatly. Ultimately, your personal carbon footprint will be improved. Hop In Technologies shuttles provide comfortable housing and an eco-friendly drive to insure we are a part of the solution of clean transit in all aspects.

The use of shuttle services only promotes excellence in commute, the workplace, personal health and well-being along with the economic environment. Hop In Technologies is dedicated to improving the worker lifestyle by providing a marketplace of innovative solutions to the daily issues impacting the workforce. Companies can attest to these claims and benefits by taking the first step which is accessing Hop In technologies service. The advantages of shuttle services advocate for employer and employee welfare which further extends to the preservation of the surrounding ecosystems. Shuttle services are definitely the key to these benefits.